Heart-to-heart from our volunteers


It was fulfilling seeing the overjoyed faces and their eagerness when asking when our next distribution would be. it makes you feel achieved that you have been a part of a blessing in their life. it can be dangerous, working in the darker, sadder parts of our capital but the thought of helping someone just nullifies that worry.


I have never seen a similar type of NGO helping women with distributing bare necessities in Malaysia. It was a great experience for me and I saw how happy the women were to receive these care packages. I realised how important this organisation is to the homeless in Malaysia.


The Victress Support has reminded me how much we can actually give back to society in the littlest way that we can. My experience with them has reminded me to always be kind to others as we would never know the battle that others are fighting. By the end of the night, my heart was so full. It's such a joy to give.


Volunteering at The Victress Support, as cheesy as it may sound, really was an eye opening experience. For me, this experience was different from a street feeding point of view as it focuses on female hygiene in which majority of the underprivileged do not have the luxury of affording such things. Being in a small team of, not only kind-hearted and loving but also hilarious individuals made it so enjoyable.


I have been a regular volunteer with TVS.
It is truly a meaningful activity to distribute care packages to the homeless women!


I knew that we were going to give care packages to people that night, but little did I know how blessed I would be.
To hear the stories of their lives unfold and to catch Sister Stella's heart and belief that through education, poverty can and will be eradicated.


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